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Aura Photos and Aura Paintings

State of the art Aura Imaging and Biofeedback equipment are used to provide you with a snapshot of your current energy.  You will receive an image of your aura with a 13–15 page, printed, report with graphs (including chakra health) to support you on your journey.   You will also receive an interpretation and helpful suggestions for your mind, body and soul to help you live your most fulfilling life!

In Addition, you may schedule Channeled/Psyhic Messages or an Akashic Art Activation, or both to dive deeper into what your soul wants to know right now!


Aura Photo Session

We are currently booking individual sessions, groups and parties,  and in-store pop-up events.  We look forward to offering you a glimpse of your energetic signature!


Aura Photo with 13-15 Page Report


Pet Aura Photo


Aura Photo w/Report & Channeled Spirit Messages


Aura Photo w/Report PLUS, Channeled Messages & Akashic Art


Aura Painting w/Spirit Message


Pet aura Painting w/Spirit Message


aura Painting.jpg
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