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1129 Simply Divine's Business Logo.  Four triagles drawn horizontally with a circle in the center.  Splashes of red, blue, green and purple watercolor over the triangles.

Tap into your true potential with 1129 Simply Divine LLC: Your Source for Divine Guidance.

 We are honored you are here and trust that you will find not only information and services to assist you on your journey, but also a safe space to wonder and consider the Simply Divine Being that you were created to be.​

The multi-dimensional Universe is ours to explore and discover!  Our energy is affected by everything in it, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of every experience in this lifetime and possibly others too.  

 Things like drug use, trauma, prayer, healing work, the words we speak and the music we listen to can all change our energy for better or worse. What we believe, feel and think all affect the actions we take and all of these things make up who we are energetically.  Who and what you focus on matters.  

If you have been searching for "something" but haven't been sure exactly what that "something" is, you are in the right place!  We look forward to connecting with you and sharing the tools and wisdom we have found on our journey from that very place. 

This is us

This is an image of Jim and Brandie Wright.  They are the owners of 1129 Simply Divine LLC

​Jim and Brandie Wright are partners in marriage and in the quest to bring healing to the world through 1129 Simply Divine LLC.  They have been on a spiritual quest for many years, both individually and as a couple.  Both are ordained by The Universal Life Church in California, and hold honorary Doctrates in Divinity.  Their greatest desire is for everyone to experience the Love of God, The Source of All That Is.

​Jim and Brandie have been in recovery from drug, alcohol and relationship addiction, sexual abuse, religious trauma and challenging family dynamics for over 25 Years.  They come from different family backgrounds and exposure to "the church", but they both have an endless love for Jesus the Christ.  

A few years ago they felt called to a deeper relationship with The Creator and Source of Love, that they call God.  With gratitude for the experience, they stepped away from organized religion.


The journey continued as Jim became an internationally published author of the book "Fear is an Illusion:  A Journey to a Free Mind"


He continued his quest through initiation into the Munay Ki Shamanic Tradition, Akashic Record Training, Reiki and Drumming.  Jim's unwavering love for God and for others allows him to access messages directly from Spirit, Ancestors and others who wish to offer loving guidance from the other side.   He also uses challenges and victories over challenging life experiences to personally offer guidance and counsel to those he works with and write his blog in the Mars Musings here on our website.


   Jim's evidentiary mediumship and life experience helps to bring clarity and healing the journey of many.

Brandie is a powerful and gentle and quantum healer who offers messages through the Akashic Records expressed as art.

 Her beautiful daughters and precious grandchildren are her greatest teachers and blessing!  It is through the challenges of drug addiction, domestic violence, incarceration, chronic illness and near-death experience that she has found her greatest strength and remembered the gifts she is here to offer the world.

  Brandie holds degrees and certifications in Human Service, Addiction Counseling, a Doctorate Degree in Divinity and is also an Internationally Associated Death Doula. 

Her quest for learning coupled with her life experience allows her to be a Channel of Love and Activation for others in this lifetime. ​  

Today they spend their time meeting others right where they are, learning more about who they are and who God is through every encounter.

Photo of a man and woman facing each other holding a giant red heart in front of their faces.

What we Offer

Akashic Record Readings
Art Activations

Aura Photography
Chakra Health Interpretation

Channeled Messages from Spirit Guides & Ancestors

Intuitive Counseling & Guidance

Private Parties & Events

In-Store Popup Events

Speaking/Teaching Engagements

For More Information

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