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There are many theories on or about time. This morning I was in meditation, and I heard the song or actually the lyrics to a song that said 'time keeps on slipping into the future. This puzzled me for a few moments, so I broke meditation, and I asked God what is you are trying to tell me? Here is what I heard...

I had been told by a few people that time is an illusion. This seemed right to me knowing we are spirit, beings that never actually die, but go on through space and time. We incarnate, spend moments in the higher dimensions and realms, existing forever. The first time I heard this it was from someone I trusted and believed they knew more than I do and I truly in fact needed this to be a reality in my life in that moment. I could not have expanded without this knowledge. Time in the higher realms is nonexistent, it isn't needed or even pondered. I believe this to my core. I live knowing I am a being, that will go on after this body has had its time.

There it is this is what God was telling me this morning. The true illusion is that we have endless time, but is that the truth here and now in this moment? No. If we go by another reality that we were sent here with a purpose, then are we not on some sort of timeline to accomplish this task?

Death of this body will happen. I have heard the other theory that we can live forever in this body, I don't think that is true. At least not at this point in my timeline, because I have seen, felt and witness the death of the human body and as of right now, do not know personally anyone who has defeated the death of the flesh. I know in my heart that the spirit of my Mom lives on, but I can't go see here physically in this reality, in this realm. It makes me sad and also makes me happy that her body no longer suffers on this earth.

As God continued to talk to me, showed me things, I was taken back by the truth of it all. I am on a timeline of living this life out to its fullest, to its potential and creating the life I desire, the one I was sent to experience. This body is aging, this body can and will die. As I move through this timeline how I treat it and what I do to it will affect its existence and its experience. If I eat certain things or if I drink too much alcohol, I get a direct result from that indulgence. I also will have a long-term effect on the body that can and will eventually remove me from this timeline. It is a fact that we try to deny as we abuse our bodies. Thus, time is an illusion is born.

There is another part of this that really had me thinking and checking deeper into my spirit. Can I cut short and not fully accomplish my purpose? Yes, I believe we can. I believe we cannot fully experience all that we asked to be sent here to experience. As we live our lives, make our choices, we influence our time here on earth. We choose to stay bound in trauma, to be unforgiving, to see the dark in others, to stay in situations that will not allow us to live the life we desire to live here in this moment. We follow our thoughts, our false belief systems instead of our intuition.

We have been treating time as an illusion when in reality it is a resource. Let me say that again, time is a resource. We exchange time just like money, sometimes for money, gold, and so on. I give my time in my relationships, in all of them and I also squander time in them. If I go to a job I hate, that isn't fulfilling, and I just exist there. I won't give my all and they won't give me their all, in most cases. If I spend time with friends and family who really don't feed me, fill my soul with passion and Love, I will feel empty, like something is lacking and will be living a life of misery. We go to churches that spread fear instead of the love they say they are giving. We are part of groups that take our time, take our freedom and say thank you without questioning what it is they are actually doing for us. We remain in relationships that bond in trauma, in suffering and out of obligation and time keeps on slipping into the future.

We take the time we have been gifted here on earth, say we have all the time in the world, and we give that precious resource away as if this body will be here forever. We treat ourselves poorly, allow others to treat us poorly and live in a state of lack instead of abundance. We act as if this body isn't aging, that it will be able to do the things it did ten years ago and go on as if we aren't giving that time away, throwing it away. We refuse to see the fact that this life is the only one we have right now, and we just go on existing, not living, not being. We live separated from true selves, from the life we desire and from those we adore and inspire us, because we choose to act as if tomorrow is promised,

We will do it tomorrow seems to be theme of the human race. I will forgive them, make that call, go see them, tell them how I feel, take that leap of faith, show them what they mean to me, set boundaries, unite, heal, start taking care of myself... tomorrow. Take it from someone who has said it a thousand times and has a bunch of regrets that I didn't do it today, when I had that chance.

My body is aging, reality, it doesn't do things like it once did. I also have started taking better care of myself, and I can do better than I am. I also am not going to live in tomorrow as if it is a promise. I not going to take this gift of life and give it away as if it doesn't have a purpose or meaning. I'm not living under the illusion that I have more of it and that it can wait. I'm not even sure what that means right now, but I do know the truth is that Love is the answer, I just have to see, listen and act upon what that is and what it means in this moment.

God is brilliant, tells me what I need to hear when I need to hear it. God shows it to me over and over again if I am paying attention. The reflection in others, the words that come out of nowhere, the person he put in my life yesterday and the one in this moment. With age we have the opportunity to grasp onto the wisdom God has repeatedly given us. Through Love and kindness, through compassion, passion and understanding, God has set us up to thrive, live in abundance and have our desires fulfilled. Our job is simple, pay attention, act upon it, be who you are, know you are enough and Love with all your heart.

Don't squander this precious resource, stop giving it away, jump, leap, dive into this gift of life and have no regrets at the end. ITS TIME..

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