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Perfection in the Darkness and the Light

When Brandie said this was the topic for the blog, my first thought was ok cool. However, when I sat down to write it I found it to be more difficult than I believed it was going to be.

How do I describe this, I feel it, I know its truth, but to put it into words was going to be challenging. Perfect, I love to be challenged... ok not really love, but I know out of challenges arises some amazing things, so here it goes.

For me, I guess it starts like this, Love. Thats right Love, when Love is the rule, the factor on how you approach things in this life, it shifts things in you. That being said, I can't write about this without talking about my amazing wife. When I realized I was in Love with her, not just Loved her, but actually in Love, was when I started seeing her one way. Early on in our friendship we told each other a lot of things about one another, deep dark truths. These were not the type of things you would tell someone when you see them as a potential Love interest or partner. We were not looking for that, so we were sharing our darkness freely.

The friendship grew and we dated for a minute and got married. Somewhere in the short period of time, all the dark things I knew about her didn't matter and I saw her in that one way, Love. Sure, as we got to know each other, as we started to work through those dark spots in our own lives, I said and did things, unfortunately, with this information I had acquired. Hello Jim's darkness. You see what transpired was we brought out the things in one another that we needed to heal from and through, the shadows of our dark past and shine light on them. I didn't know it at the time but, seeing her in that one way was a gift, a beautiful gift. it allowed me to see through what could have been deal breakers in the past and shined light upon all the beauty or perfection she is in both sides of her, the dark and the light.

When we choose to, we get the opportunity to Love others in their darkest places. We get a chance to see the perfection in the challenges they have been through and are going through. It will create a beauty like something that has never been seen in them before. We Love them where they are, no matter who they were or are being in this moment and allow them to enter the darkest parts of themselves and find perfection in there.

How do we do this, it is by understanding our own darkness, knowing that we once could not see our own perfection in these trails, in our own actions and when we became willing to, we found forgiveness for ourselves. This same forgiveness allows me to see that their perfection in darkest places too.

I am perfect in my dark and my light. We need to say and understand this. I will make mistakes, I will say things from those places that the residual energy of the dark existed. It will rise to the top and show itself. If I chose to only see the dark parts of me, I lose the light that I am. I will also lose the ability to see it in others, including the one I am in Love with. I lose my gift of forgiveness, of openness and growth. I become stuck in the dark and all I will see is the imperfections of that place in everyone.

This view is not a free pass to walk over someone or to be ran over. It is the opposite! It allows us to see a view of self-Love and a Love for others in a way that we haven't been able to do before. We learn to set boundaries from this place and allow others to be who they are. It is in the allowing we choose what energy we want to be in. If we are willing to journey with them or without them. It is a place of wisdom, of seeing a truth that we have been in the darkness ourselves and it can be overcome by Love. This is perfection of seeing the dark and the light in all that there is and can be.

The reality is that there is no light without the dark and vice versa. Each one has is it's own energy and it's own place. Each one is valuable in the healing process and growth comes out of both of them. Choosing Love and light only seems like a great concept of truth, but that view alone has consequences that inevitably leads you to the dark anyways.

Today, I choose to be upfront with myself in this truth, I have two sides, a dark side and a light side. I also know that so does everyone else. If they are choosing to acknowledge this truth too, it will create a place of growth and energy to expand. If I am willing to see this in myself, hopefully they stand with me, as I beam willing to stand with them. It is in this amazing truth that we hold space for one another, and we find unity in the acknowledgement of our perfection. As it lives on both sides, in us, the darkness and the light.

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