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Matters of the Month: Divine Happenings for June 2023

Welcome from 1129 Simply Divine!

We are excited to reconnect with you for our first monthly newsletter! If you have received this email that means, we have crossed paths before! It is likely that you had your AURA PHOTO taken or had an Akashic Record Activation or Channeled Message with one of us. (If you do not want to be on our email list to receive our newsletter or information about upcoming events, please feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings! ) If your experience with us was valuable, will you let us know? Leaving us a review on our Facebook Page or our Website helps others find us too!

If your still with us....Thank you! Thank you for trusting us with your information and more importantly, your energy! As energy readers we do not take these exchanges lightly and count it an honor to connect with you!

We hope that our words will add value to your day in some way or at least keep you up to date with where we will be and the cool things we are discovering on our journey.

~Jim and Brandie

Scheduled Events in June

If you are in or around any of these locations we would love to see you! We will be offering Aura Photos with up to 15 Pages filled with graphs and insight about your specific aura type; Channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Loved Ones in Spirit; and Akashic Art Activations which bring your past life mastery into this timeline.

  • June 3-4: Gypsy Goddess Festival, Hillsdale, MI

  • June 7 : Choices Unlimited, Richland, MI

  • June 9=10 : Unity Church of Bay City Holistic Fair, Bay City, MI

  • June 17 : Enlightened Soul Center, Ann Arbor, MI

  • June 23=24: Sage + Stone, Comlumbia City, IN


What's New

8 Weeks of PRACTICAL MAGIC Classes with Brandie

Where: Essential Energies, Jackson MI

When: June 8 - July 27

What: Different topic each week.

Week 1: Intuition: How to use it

Week 2: Pendulums: Make and use

Week 3: Aura and Chakra Energy

Week 4: Cleansing and Clearing

Week 5: The Body Code: Listening to your body

Week 6: Channeling: Speaking and Writing

Week 7: Meditation and Manifestation

Week 8: Your Soul Purpose: How to find it

Exchange: $25/Per Class (Materials Included)

Pay for all 8 classes in advance for a lower exchange rate.


June Reading Special:


Weekly Blog Posts on our website at You can expect blog posts every week on ONE Topic from TWO perspectives. Our heart is to share our journey through the collective challenges and victories as we experience them on a personal level from our perspective Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects.

Jim will be writing from The Mars Musings and Brandie from The Venus Viewpoint. We look forward to your feedback as we engage this new chapter together!

Become a member on our site to get notifications when blog posts are released.

That's a Wrap!

That does it for the Monthly Matters of June! This has the potential to be an incredible month for manifesting new energies of Love and Action Venus and Mars take powerful places in the sky!

Take extra care this month as you continue to create a life you love and reach out if you need support!

Happy Father's Day to every father everywhere! You are seen and appreciated for all are and all you do!

It has been Simply Divine to connect with you and we look forward to next time!

Blessings on Blessings,

Jim and Brandie Wright


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