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Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Record (The Heart of God) holds the unique energetic imprint of the collective through all of eternity!  It contains all thoughts, feelings, memories, actions, and deeds that every soul has experienced through all lifetimes.  Each experience creates an energetic imprint that reveals the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime to assist in our evolution.

By Accessing Your Individual Akashic Record we aim to help you:
Gain clarity in your pattern of interactions with self and others,
Explain circumstances that may feel reoccurring or challenging.
Reveal blocks that may be keeping you from achieving your goals and highest potential,
Uncover your Divine Expression in Creation and offer support toward a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.
Surface information that will lead you to your soul purpose and life path.

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Hebrew Prayer Books

Akashic Art

Brandie offers a unique visual reading and activation of your record by drawing what she sees in your record that can be brought into this timeline as an activation.  

Appointment options:  Messenger or email, Zoom, and In-Person Sessions.

Our Rates

One Half Hour Session:  $66

(In Person or Zoom)

Messenger/Email Session:  $55

(Receive written message from Spirit

and a digital copy of your art activation)

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